#360video: Theme park Belantis | DW English

Discover the theme park Belantis near Leipzig in 360 degrees! If you use VR-goggles to watch the video you’d better sit down – the roller coaster ride is rip-roaring!

Located in Leipzig, Saxony, Belantis offers visitors the chance to venture to eight different theme worlds, with themes ranging from mythical to adventure. The park has 60 attractions with something for all ages. The park has eight themed areas, all with exotic names like Island of the Knights, Coast of the Discoverers, Land of the Counts, Prairie of the Indians, Empire of the Sun Temple, Beach of the Gods and Valley of the Pharaohs.

Some of the popular attractions at Belantis are: Huracan, a roller coaster with five loops; Curse of the Pharaoh, where you slide in a boat down the side of a 31-metre high pyramid; and the Labyrinth of Avalon, which challenges you to find your way through the maze. Belantis also has a forest nature trail for visitors to enjoy.


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