What is Future Kulture?

The history of Future Kulture & its links to the Bay Area.

Sometimes you just have to be open for your life to change in order for growth to happen!

The history of Future Kulture began in the Bay Area with Archie Lee Bell Jr & the Future Kulture dancers in 1991-1993.

In the 1990´s, everything was better big. most night clubs in San Francisco were multi-floored and had 1000 plus guests.

One of the early dance troupe´s were organized by Archie under the name Future Kulture. The dancers performed weekly at DV8, DNA, Divisadero, The BOX, and Howard Street.

In 1993, Ray Andrews, one of the dancers from Future Kulture was headhunted and brought to Copenhagen, Denmark to assist in opening a night club which coincidentally was named X-Ray.

Ray brought the dance style to the club and his network with American and European artist. The actual leadership and management of X-Ray were the might management by Morten Fabricius and Day management by Kim Thurman, whom together deserve 100% credit for the clubs success.

After less than one year, Ray left X-Ray and started his study of European Anthropology in Amager, DK.

Future Kulture, the association was started in 1994 as a youth association under the Copenhagen Commune with the goals of creating cultural program for youth within the fields of sports, music and exchange.

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Howard Street

Howard Street is a street in San Francisco's South of Market District.

Dallas Texas event

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Bay Area Cultural

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Art Exhibit

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DUNK 96-99

Brand Identity

DUNK was a project arranged at various sports fields throughout Høje Tastrup, Hedehusene, Taastrup, Øksen, and Blåkildegard from 1996-1999

Transport Exchange


Transport Exchange were multilateral youth exchanges arranged between 8 countries where the participants broke into working groups of; music, media, art, and dance.

Social Media

Social Media

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Presse Play

Marketing Planning

Presse Play is a European level program based on young people creating and posting their ideas, and interests on a European level blogging platform. http://wwwpresseplay.com

Street Games

Product Design

Street Games is street basket and football played within the city with music, prizes and fun for young people and kids who might need direction.

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IPLF2008 – Peyote – Scure Verità Sottopelle.

The band Peyota performed at the Istanbul Playlist Festival 2008 with special guest Lorane from Spain. The band hails from Italy and performs original rock track with aggression and power.

Transport Exchange – Da streets

When you have Respect My Hustle, Out of Orda, and the band Souljahz, in Lithuania partying, then stuff like this will happen. They wanted to make a short video, instead they made incriminating evidence. hehe! Lets party

Souljahz Click- I Dont Wanna Know

Souljahz click live performance at Annexet in Helsingør Denmark and Pabo Latino in Vilnius Lithuania. The shows were great, the clubs were great and the audience were out of their minds. It was a great night and incredible music.

Raymond Marcel Andrews

Activities Director

I have been working for Future Kulture from 1991-1993 as a Dancer and later as a youth leader in Copenhagen, Denmark arranging youth program throughout the communes. Moving FUKU forward is my mission. 

tel. +45. 4098 7554


Meet our smart & creative guys

You don’t build an association, you build up people, then the people build up the association.

Future Kulture has been running for many years with contributions and commitments from a wide variety of partners, friends who later have become like our family.

Archie Lee Bell Jr

Creator - Future Kulture Dancers
Archie Lee Bell jr was the leader of the Future Kulture dance troupe, based in San Francisco, California from 1988 until now. Archie is still creating culture and sharing his vibe with the world.

Stephen OReilly

IT Coordinator
Stephen OReilly has been around Future Kulture since its beginning in Denmark in 1994. Stephen has been a driver and contributor to the programs success.

Charlotte S Sørensen

Director - 1998-2009
Charlotte Schwarts-Sørensen was the first Director of Future Kulture. Charlotte established the association in cooperation with Raymond and led the growth of the association during its greatest growth.

Frank Sarfo Osei

Director - 2017-2021
Frank Sarfo has been a participant, youth leader and now Director of Future Kulture since 2017. Frank has participated in over 10 years of programs since the age of 15 in Ishøj during the European Youth Week in 2009.

Mulla Avci

Mulla Avci oversees the finance and membership for Future Kulture since 2018. Although their have net been EU programs since 2017, Mulla has participated and led many Domestic & European level projects for Future Kulture.

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