Erasmus Program

 – Youth from the Employment & Volunteer-ship mobility exchange met up in Vilnius, Lithuania for the week long youth exchange. Groups came from Denmark, Estonia, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, and Slovenia to Lithuania to have fun, learn from each other and meet cultural partners from Lithuania. The exchange was arranged by Future Kulture and finance through the Ministry of Education Erasmus + program. VIDEO LINK

 – Leaders from Future Kulture, Meska Music, and Handicap Team met with an association outside the capital city of Vilnius during their annual career-day to talk about what it takes to start a company and advance your dreams. Other leaders from around Lithuania including a weightlifter and military-man gave presentations about their careers and ideals and goals.

 – The Youth Cultural Conference 2003 was arranged in the summer of 2003 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The project was under Tin Ljubljana and was a multiplier project from a 1998 and 2002 youth exchange called Youth Cultural Conference. The project was very sucessfull and effective with partners from Italy, France, Denmark, and Slovenia.

 – Nordic Evaluation Seminar – Oslo, Norway – January 16th til 18th 2017. National Agencies from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, met in Norway for an evaluation of the Erasmus + program (2014-2020). Leaders and associations discussed the EU program. The video was edited and produced by Raymond Andrews from Ishøj Ungdomsskole for the sole purpose of promoting (ERASMUS+) the European youth program, themes and discussions from the seminar and to hopefully activate young people from the various participating countries to attend future seminars and discussions which effect their lives. Thank you.