Facebook for Developers – Learn about the future of 3D-360 cameras.

Learn about the future of 3D-360 cameras and what’s next from the Facebook Surround 360 team.


Ken Henderson
got to be the most boring lecture on an interesting subject ive ever seen…i mean really…you have to be a borish drone to make me bored on a vr subject…wow

Felix Wellen
very interesting but i don’t think that the development of 3D360° will go like this.
it reminds me to panono. they built a ball with 36 cameras and got bankrupt for several reasons. it also reminds me to plenoptic lightfield cameras… and how they crashed. the 3d hypes of 1900, 1950s, 1970s, 2000s crashed. the AR hype crashed, the VR hype is about to crash. for example – not a single drone in the market with 360°-camera, i’ve seen only some diy projects.
… why all this happened? most people are inert. they won’t invest into new equipment or media if they need to change their behavior. they don’t want to wear goggles if they want to watch a sitcom while preparing the meal, being able to see the family members… wow, that’s a set i built up here, but i think that viewing tv/pc/phone is a part of life and people don’t want to be a part of the media technic. geeks and gamers are different.
film producers aren’t interested in 3D360° because with 360° the viewer can look behind the scenes, could be focused on any sidekick. filmmakers like to tell a story, letting the viewer see only what the artist thinks is important.
finally… calculating the depth estimation to produce 3D360° plus 6DoF is like taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut. slight head movements can be compensated with slight zoom/crop. if depth information is needed for some reason plenoptics give it with a single objective. with three >180°fish eye lenses facing 3×120° you should get 360° with 3D in wide range.


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