Frankie Boy feat. Izzyy & Ray Andres – Know About Us (Chicago Tour video)


Frankie Boy feat. Izzyy & Ray Andres – Know About Us (Chicago Tour video). Frankie Boy attended the Chicago USA, 2014 Tour arranged by Ishøj Ungdomsskole during end of years break “efterårsferie” which is a sacred holiday in the Danish calendar. It gives the youth a week off of classes and usually a planned excursion with their school or parent. The Chicago Tour was four days in the capital Illinois city of Chicago. The group stayed at 24 Congress street at an international youth hostel.

The youth visited Sneed Aquarium, The Navy Pier, The Bean or Millennial Park, United Center where the 2010 and 2013 National Champions Chicago Blackhawks play as well as the Chicago Bulls. The students went shopping, saw a Russell Peters concert, and shopped more. It was a good trip with few problems. The video is a compilation of the events during the tour. The music is from Frankie Boy – Know About Us (Whatcha Know), featuring Ismail Dampha “Izzyy” and Ray Andres. The production of the song is from Blended productions for Ishøj Ungdomsskole. The recordings were done at Ishøj Ungdomsskole recording studio.


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