Environmental Sustainability 2012 – A Sea Change (1of4) – The Trailer


The participants divided into working groups and concentrated on cooperating in their groups to accomplish tasks, which ranged from producing music, theater, video & photography capturing of the actual events, lectures, discussions, and democratic exercises to help educated themselves in the values and rules of democracy. The Environmental Sustainability project was a youth exchange held in Copenhagen, Denmark from June 29th till July 7th 2012.

The participants came from across Europe including; Denmark (Ishøj Ungdomsskole, Future Kulture, Brønderslev Ungdomsskole, Estonia (Riinu Group), Finland (Rovaniemi University, Youth Center 44 Kuopio), Italy (Ferdart), Lithuania (Labirintas, VSI Anni), Portugal (H2o), Sweden (Bamboo Bikes), and the United Kingdom (Jantuah Svedstrup Institute). There were lectures from Kojo Jantuah from Jantuah Svedstrup Institue, Sven Huseby from A Sea Change, Michael Hoffman from Atrendia, and Assar Qureshi from Danish Ministry of Climate and Energy. The project was fun, eventful and educational.

The Art & Culture group, produced murals, and monuments at ishøj Ungdomsskole and helped build-up a BMX track in Brønderslev, Denmark. The exchange helped activate youth from various disadvantage areas and helped provide a platform for the participates to come together and socialize, discuss their personal stories, and demonstrate their talents during a cultural day where the participants shared food, drinks and music while giving a presentation about their country, youth association, and daily customs on their home country.


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