Stand Up, Take It Down – Fighting against White Supremacy

Stand Up, Take It Down - Fighting against White Supremacy

Stand Up, Take It Down discusses how white supremacy is sold and packaged abroad. The Confederate Battle Flag was first used during the American Civil War but didn’t become popular until after it. It was widely used after D.W. Griffith directed Birth of a Nation, and it became more widely known at an international level after Dukes of Hazzard.

After living in Mississippi I relocated to Buenos Aires where I first saw the Confederate flag on people’s clothing. Though racial relations are different in Argentina, people of color still find themselves facing prejudices they don’t expect. Still, other topics may come up during the filming of the story that are relevant to current or past social justice movements, issues dealing with racism/colorism. These feelings are also a part of the story I hope to have on record.

Finally, many activists and organizers are unaware that the Confederate Flag is used outside of the United States. Various supporters of the flag are also unaware of this, and I plan to discuss this with them as well.

The film consists of three parts:

  • Buenos Aires: principal photography has been completed.
  • Santa Barbara D’Oeste and other parts of Brazil: this part of the project will shoot principal photography at the Festa Confederada, a festival in Brazil in which descendants of Confederados (American Confederate soldiers who migrated to this part of Brazil after the American Civil War) still celebrate their heritage. It also my hope to secure interviews with activists who are currently trying to change the impact of systemic racism in Brazil, which is approximately 55% black and in which indigenous rights are still not always respected.
  • Jackson, Mississippi: interviews with local activists who are trying to change the Mississippi state flag and those who wish to keep it.

Principal photography in Buenos Aires has been completed thanks to my friends and community in the city after having lived there for 4,5 years, but my hope is to raise funds and make connections with people who can help me license footage by other news networks that can be edited into the film in order to complete the story.

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Stand Up, Take It Down  discute cómo la supremacía blanca se vende y empaqueta en el extranjero. La bandera de la batalla Confederada fue utilizada por primera vez durante la guerra civil americana, pero no se hizo popular hasta después de ella. Fue ampliamente utilizado después de D.W. Griffith dirigió el nacimiento de una nación, y se hizo más ampliamente conocido a nivel internacional después de Dukes of Hazzard.

Después de vivir en Mississippi me reubique a Buenos Aires donde vi por primera vez la bandera confederada en la ropa de la gente. Aunque las relaciones raciales son diferentes en Argentina, la gente de color todavía se encuentra frente a prejuicios que no esperan. Sin embargo, otros temas pueden llegar a ser durante el rodaje de la historia que son relevantes para los movimientos de justicia social actual o pasado, temas relacionados con el racismo/el colorismo. Estos sentimientos son también una parte de la historia que espero tener en el registro.

Por último, muchos activistas y organizadores no son conscientes de que la bandera confederada se utiliza fuera de los Estados Unidos. Varios simpatizantes de la bandera también son inconscientes de esto, y yo pienso discutir esto con ellos tambien.

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