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May 2015

v4l – Roskilde Festival “The Show”. Volunteering for Life (V4L) was a youth exchange arranged from July 5th till 13th 2013. Youth from seven countries came to Denmark to participate as volunteers for Roskilde Festival and work for a youth school in Copenhagen. The visiting countries were Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, and Slovenia came to Denmark for the project....

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Apr 2015

The participants divided into working groups and concentrated on cooperating in their groups to accomplish tasks, which ranged from producing music, theater, video & photography capturing of the actual events, lectures, discussions, and democratic exercises to help educated themselves in the values and rules of democracy. The Environmental Sustainability project was a youth exchange held in Copenhagen, Denmark from June 29th till July 7th 2012. The participants came from across Europe including; Denmark (Ishøj Ungdomsskole, Future Kulture, Brønderslev Ungdomsskole, Estonia (Riinu Group), Finland (Rovaniemi University, Youth Center 44 Kuopio), Italy (Ferdart), Lithuania......

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