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Mar 2018
M4OL2018 - Emma Gonzalez - Moment of Silence @ March for Our Lives | AM Joy | MSNBC

Emma Gonzalez honored the Parkland shooting victims at the March for Our Lives with six minutes and 20 seconds of silence, the amount of time it took the shooter to kill 17 people. Joy Reid and her panel discuss how youth leaders like Gonzalez will likely achieve common sense gun reform and more. — — Stoneman Douglas student activist Emma González led an emotional, prolonged silence at the March for our Lives, equal in duration to the shooter’s rampage. “Fight for your lives before it’s someone else’s job,” she said. Full story......

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Feb 2018
Ben Mitchell Announces Congressional Candidacy

Future Kulture, Nordic GPS, Lavoz magazine, La Familia Stop & Shop and The Transnational Advocacy Group, all endorse Ben Mitchell for the Democratic primaries in Vermont, USA. We believe in his platform and the issues he raises and believes in. We will be a platform promoting his campaign activities and goals. We hope you will share our support for Ben Mitchell and will support his campaign. Thank you. Raymond Marcel Andrews.  Social Democrat Ben Mitchell Announces Congressional Candidacy. Westminster, Vermont:  Social Democrat Ben Mitchell is formally announcing his candidacy for the United......

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